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Meal Service Feedback

"Homemade Fresh has helped to fill a void in my life that I didn't know I needed! Lisa Woodie came highly recommended while initially searching for a caterer for a personal event at my home. Her diverse menu and food selections warranted applause from my guests. In fact, I was so impressed with the quality of her food, not to mention her professionalism, that I hired her as a personal chef. In a short time, Chef Lisa learned just the right amount of spice and seasoning that I prefer and my favorite dishes. My trust for her services is so great that I've had her cater business events as well. I was no longer surprised that she was again able to WOW my colleagues with both her top notch service and delicious food. I'm sure glad I've found Homemade Fresh!

     Dr. James E. Taylor

"Top 5 reasons I highly recommend Chef Lisa and her services: Meals are made with healthy ingredients, nothing processed. No more big trips to the grocery store. Go to work and come home to a refrigerator full of fresh food, ready to eat. Delicious meals that meet all our dietary restrictions. The dreaded question of "what's for dinner?" no longer exists! Her services are truly life changing!"

       Roxanne Russell

"Having worked with Chef Lisa for both office and home meal preparation over the last few years, I wholeheartedly recommend her. Not only is her food delicious, but she is able to tailor her cooking to suit any health need or eating style. Lisa is always receptive to feedback or any change in needs, which is extremely helpful when feeding a diverse group. Eating well never tasted so good!"

       Lynette Cook

"Grateful is the word that comes to mind when I think of Lisa Woodie and Homemade Fresh.  I found it impossible to cook healthy meals while being a business owner, CEO of the household, and all the other hats I keep finding. I kept waiting for the "cooking fairy" to show up. Instead, I hired Lisa to help with my family's busy life. What did Lisa give me? She gave me freedom to have that patio time with my husband after work; time with my daughter instead of stressing over "what's for dinner;" time with my guests who frequently visit our new home; and peace of mind that what I'm feeding my family is better than anything I could heat up from a box. Thank you, Lisa for the time you have given back to me away from the grocery store, fast food lane, and kitchen. I challenge others to give Lisa a chance to show you what she does best, and I challenge others to track your savings when you hire her.

     Kim Angeli

"I can't say enough about Homemade Fresh. Chef Lisa has made my home life so much easier. Her food is amazing, and my family will try new food choices because she cooked them. I cook a lot of my family's meals, but when it has been one of those days and I either don't feel like cooking or don't have time to cook, I can rely on Homemade Fresh meals. I open my fridge and choose a meal, pull out my Homemade Fresh notebook with reheating instructions, and in less than 30 minutes my family is eating dinner. If we run out of Lisa's meals before her next scheduled visit, my son is asking when she is coming back. Thank you, Lisa, for giving me extra time during my week."

     Debbie Rogers

"I was referred to Lisa by a mutual friend through Facebook. I am a busy professional who runs a full-time sales team, but am also in the process of expanding a small business. I needed help to keep my nutrition going, and this was an excellent solution. She has been able to get creative with my picky tastes. I highly recommend her. In fact, I already have recommended her to many of my friends, and now my mother is using her service too!

     Kelly Waugh

"I can't recommend Chef Lisa highly enough! She's reliable, creative, and a pleasure to work with. The meals she prepares are delicious, healthy, and customized to our preferences. Her personal chef service has really improved the quality of the food we eat!"

     Judy Brodsky

"Yes, the food is delicious and so fresh! It's such a treat to have it all done for you, and for it to be healthy, yummy, and dishes that everyone in the family will eat and enjoy (without me having to make multiple dishes every night or go to the grocery store). Even the vegetarians in the family absolutely love it. Chef Lisa even catered my daughter's graduation party, to RAVE reviews! The best pre-vacation plan we made last week was to have Homemade Fresh prepare some meals and snacks for us to take with us--now that's a vacation with the best food ever!"

      Karen Bennetts

"Lisa Woodie at Homemade Fresh has changed our lives. Dinner time used to be a dreaded activity in our house. We hated cooking so we relied heavily on fast food, eating out or quick processed food. We decided to give Chef Lisa a try because we knew we had to do better. In the process, we thought we'd have to sacrifice taste to get "healthy" meals. We were wrong!!! With Homemade Fresh, we get incredible meals, and our stress level has been significantly reduced. As an added bonus, we are actually spending less money than we did before!"

     Dr. Kristin Black

"I can't rave enough about Homemade Fresh. Over a year ago my health was not in good shape, and it was mostly what I was eating. Chef Lisa prepared special menus for me and my family to get my health back! Delicious food, prepared with care."

       Carolina Aponte


"As I'm sure many parents can relate to, dinner time in our house tends to be the "witching hour" when little ones get cranky and cause chaos all around them. As a mom of small children, I've found it very hard to cook fresh, nutritious dinners with our kids underfoot. Homemade Fresh has made it possible for our family to eat the way I think we should, and to do so with less stress! It is such a treat to open the refrigerator and see delicious meals that are ready to heat and eat instead of random ingredients that may not get used before they go bad. Chef Lisa has helped us have longer afternoons in the park, fewer trips to the drive-through window, more family time to enjoy each other, and a more peaceful evening with the wonderful meals she provides. It's a double blessing to feel good about the food my children are eating AND to have the extra time to play with them.  Thanks Chef Lisa!"

       Mae Villanueva

Event Service Feedback

"A friend recommended Chef Lisa for a wedding shower at my home several years ago. That was the beginning of many wonderful events in which Chef Lisa provided delicious homemade food presented in creative ways. I would give her the event theme--birthday party, retirement dinner, Christmas supper club, baby shower, or even Octoberfest--and she would design menus with several options while maintaining my budget with ease. She is so very dependable, and her professional service made my events stress-free with many well-deserved compliments from my guests! I could not keep her a secret, and many of my friends hired her to cater their functions too. I highly recommend Homemade Fresh and Lisa Woodie!"

    Kathy Sutherland

"Homemade Fresh has helped to fill a void in my life that I didn't know I needed! Lisa Woodie came highly recommended while initially searching for a caterer for a personal event at my home. Her diverse menu and food selections warranted applause from my guests. My trust for her services is so great that I've had her cater business events as well. I was no longer surprised that she was again able to WOW my colleagues with both her top notch service and delicious food. I'm sure glad I've found Homemade Fresh!"

     Dr. James E. Taylor

"We have used Homemade Fresh for dinner parties for two different groups at our house. Not only is the food exceptional, but Lisa is so dependable.  She uses very high quality produce and meats. We have been very pleased with her total service, and feel that her pricing is very reasonable. It is so nice to be able to have her come in with her own pots, pans, etc. and prepare a wonderful meal.  Then she serves while we entertain the guests. We highly recommend using Chef Lisa's services."

       Rich and Muriel Sheubrooks

"Homemade Fresh has catered our eWomenNetwork luncheon events. The food Chef Lisa prepared was delicious and healthy. The comments from the attendees surpassed our expectations. Lisa cares about her events and gives attention to detail for food presentation as well as amazing taste. We've asked Homemade Fresh to cater other events because of the great food and service she provides."
       Lori Dvorak

"I used Homemade Fresh for a business event I hosted at my home. I needed to plan and present at the meeting, and I didn't need the additional responsibility of planning, preparing and serving food. And I certainly didn't want to clean up afterward.  Chef Lisa was the perfect solution.  She was very easy and considerate to work with. I gave her my budget and preferences and she came up with the perfect menu! She shopped for everything, came over early, prepped, cooked, served, and cleaned up.  She brought everything she needed for preparation, cooking and serving. The food was served hot at the appointed time, and it was delicious! (I already knew it would be yummy because I had previously tasted her food creations.) To clean, she even used green cleaning and disinfecting products, which is important to me.  I highly recommend Homemade Fresh for quality, excellent service, taste and reasonably priced meals."

       Terry Hess

Educational Presentation Feedback

"I am thrilled that we were able to have Lisa Woodie as the keynote speaker at a Charlotte Women's Bar luncheon.  Chef Lisa's presentation was very engaging and informative.  She is well-versed not only in the art of cooking, but also understands the importance of whole health.  Chef Lisa taught us that wellness goes well beyond the answers to questions about fat and calorie content. She captured the audience with her personal message, her passion for wellness, and the mission of Homemade Fresh.  She was a delight to work with as a presenter and tailored her discussion to the needs of our particular group.  I am excited to have her cook for my family soon, too!"

       Lauren Lewis, Attorney at Law

"I've known Lisa for several years, and she is trustworthy, knowledgeable and personable. I've asked her to speak for the Health and Business Professionals of Charlotte group several times. She has always delivered an engaging and interesting presentation, leaving the audience with new information they didn't know before. Chef Lisa's presentations are enjoyable and always educational. By the way, if attendees sample her cooking, they have "wow" in their eyes and big smiles on their faces! I highly recommend her to speak in any venue."

      Leanne Cannon, Business Coach & Speaker