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I'm Chef Lisa Woodie, owner of Homemade Fresh.  I started cooking in college because I didn't enjoy eating processed, unhealthy, tasteless convenience foods from the grocery store.  And I was spending a lot of money on restaurant meals and take-out that usually didn't wow my taste buds either.  Over the years I've used my creativity and adventurous palette to develop a recipe collection that focuses on homemade foods using fresh and minimally processed ingredients.  I've learned to put healthier spins on comfort foods I ate as a child.  And I've branched out into a variety of foods from other cultures too.

People often ask what my specialty is, and I tell them that it's the creativity to develop and modify a variety of recipes to meet the tastes and preferences of each client. Over the years I've found that no two clients are alike!

I pride myself on being a talented, creative chef, not a gourmet chef.  Prior to launching Homemade Fresh in 2011, I was a restaurant and catering business owner. Homemade Fresh served clients in the Charlotte area for 11 years before I relocated to Hendersonville. 

Homemade Fresh was built on the foundation of wellness.  Wellness encompasses many things, including what we put on and in our bodies.  As society moves at a faster pace, convenience foods full of unhealthy, processed ingredients are becoming commonplace in grocery stores and restaurants.  But just because you don't have the time or desire to plan and cook meals, you shouldn't have to rely on supermarket convenience foods, restaurants, meal delivery, and meal prep kits.

Homemade Fresh blends my passion for cooking with my goal to help people experience better overall wellness.  Please visit the Services page to see what a difference Homemade Fresh can make for you.

Contact Me for Group Educational Presentations 

I love sharing my Cooking Healthy Eating Fresh philosophy with others because it's not only better for you, it tastes better too!  I provide educational presentations for business, civic and social groups on  a variety of healthy eating topics, offering tips and strategies for more energy and wellness.  Click here to see audience feedback on my presentations.