Affordable Meal Plans


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Charlotte area


Meal Plans

I develop a personalized menu for each client cooking session based on that client's tastes and preferences.  Meals include entrées with appropriate side dishes.  I typically leave each client with one or two weeks worth of meals in one cooking session depending upon the meal package that is chosen. 

We can design a plan that suits your family’s size and needs.   Most clients choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service.  However, we can discuss other service plans if these do not fit your needs. 



Service fees vary depending upon the meal plan chosen, and are discussed with each client prior to scheduling a cooking session.  The fee for each cooking session includes the following:

  • Personalized recipe research and meal planning
  • Grocery shopping service (clients pay for groceries)
  • Travel to and from your home
  • Meal preparation using Homemade Fresh kitchen equipment
  • Packaging, labeling and storing meals
  • Providing storage and reheating instructions
  • Kitchen clean-up

Affordable for Your Food Budget

Meals from Homemade Fresh save you lots of time and can be an affordable part of your food budget.  A Homemade Fresh meal costs about the same per serving as an average restaurant meal. The average cost for a family of four is about $55 to $70 per meal.  When you add up the cost of dining out, take-out, groceries, driving, tipping, and the value of your time, Homemade Fresh is very affordable. 


Here's What You Save with Homemade Fresh

  • No tipping servers or delivery drivers
  • No time spent driving to restaurants or grocery stores
  • No time or stress planning and cooking meals
  • No time spent grocery shopping for the meal ingredients
  • No extensive time spent cleaning the kitchen
  • No time spent waiting—in traffic, in lines, or for a table

Here's What You Gain with Homemade Fresh

  • You specify how you want your food prepared
  • You have control over the ingredients used
  • You know that your family is eating fresh, nutritious meals
  • You know that the meals were prepared in the safety of your kitchen
  • You have the convenience to schedule healthy meals around family activities and different schedules
  • You have more time and energy to spend doing things you enjoy
  • You can spend more time with your family at the dinner table


Clients pay the service fee when each cooking session is scheduled along with a grocery deposit.  Clients receive grocery receipts, and the final invoice will be adjusted accordingly.


Gift Certificates 

A Homemade Fresh gift certificate is a “tasteful” and healthy gift for new parents, brides, new college graduates, people recovering from surgery or illness, retirees, busy singles, couples and families, and people who don’t enjoy cooking.  It's also a great gift for the cook in your family--even the cook needs a break now and then! Gifts certificate packages are all inclusive (service and groceries). Call for more information.